Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 ways to get more hits on your page

So you made a beautiful site and you want the world to enjoy it, but after six months its only had 4 hits. What the--!!!

Relax, its not that you are not interesting. You are invisible. Thats right, my friend. You are in stealth mode. So what do you do to be seen?

1. Keywords. When people use search engines, like Google, for example. They type in keywords to search by. The more of their keywords that match yours the better.

2. Webring. will bring lots of viewers to your site, if you install their code on your site. The first site is free too.

3. Images. Pictures of hot celebrities will draw fans from all over the world. Say you love Pam Anderson. Who doesn't? If you make a page about her and review her work and include pics of her, the dam will bust and the hits will flood your site. If you build it they will come.

4. Videos. People don't like to read a lot, but they love to watch interesting videos. A few good videos on your site can work wonders. You can install YouTube videos in seconds. The success of any business or website depends on repeat business. Keep them coming back for more and the counter will keep growing.

5. Hot Links. Link all the best sites to yours and people will love to visit you again and again.
A fun site will get hit again and again and again. Make yours the one no one can forget, and stand back. Also, keep lots of space for the visitor counter. And dont forget the guestbook. Feedback is everything.

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